Why 4-H?

4-H is part of the culture in many communities in Louisiana.  We take pride in the accomplishments of the youth and we want to push them to be better, stronger, work harder, and to set goals.  This goes right along with the 4-H Motto “To make the best better”.

Why 4-H?  According to a Tufts University Study, 4-H members excel beyond their peers.  They make more contributions to their community through civic engagement, perform better in school academically, and make healthier choices and grow up with strong bodies and minds.

4-H provides opportunities for youth beyond the school club and the parish community.  Children are able to meet and work with other members and build relationships which help them expand their reach.  Performing service is a vital part of a young person’s ability to recognize and contribute to the needs of others.  4-H has a strong tradition of promoting good character and building stronger communities.

If your child is not involved in 4-H and you are interested them joining please contact your local 4-H office (County Agent’s Office).  http://www.lsuagcenter.com/

There is a 4-H program in every parish in Louisiana and statewide opportunities for children to get involved.  Make that call today!

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